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Session Topics

The LignoBiotech 2020 program will unfold along pathways that connect fundamental discoveries to applications that valorize the three main lignocellulose components: lignin, cellulose, and hemicelluloses. Specific session topics will include:
  • Sustainable bio-based materials: from bioplastics to textiles
  • Biochemicals and advanced biofuels
  • Valorizing wastewater and lignocellulose residues
  • Biotechnology for high quality lignins
  • Biotechnology in feedstock development and carbon sequestration

Invited Speakers & Discussion Leaders

  • Johanna Buchert

    President and CEO, LUKE, Natural Resources Institute, Finland

  • Daniel Cullen

    Senior Scientist, Forest Products Laboratory, United States Department of Agriculture, USA

  • Ludo Diels

    Research Leader, VITO, Belgium

  • Matti Heikkilä

    Chief Technology Officer, MetGen, Finland

  • David Hibbett

    Professor of Biology, Clark University, USA

  • Kenneth Jensen

    Science Manager and Project Leader, Novozymes, Denmark

  • Merja Pentillä

    Research Professor, VTT Industrial Biotechnology, Founder – Synbio Powerhouse, Finland

  • John Ralph

    Professor of Biological Systems Engineering, University Wisconsin-Madison, USA

  • Steven W. Singer

    Deputy Vice President, Deconstruction Division, Joint BioEnergy Institute, USA

  • Seema Singh

    Senior Scientist, Biomass Science and Conversion Technology Department, Sandia National Labs, USA

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