6th Symposium of Bi­o­tech­no­logy Ap­plied to Ligno­cel­lu­loses

August 26-28, 2020 @ University of Toronto

Welcome to the 10 year anniversary of the LignoBiotech Symposium!  The LignoBiotech symposium was held the first time in France (Reims, 2010), then in Japan (Fukuoka, 2012), Chile (Concepcion, 2014), Spain (Madrid, 2016), and in Finland (Helsinki, 2018). LignoBiotech 2020 brings our Symposium, for the first time, to North America. Fittingly, the symposium will be held in Canada, which has a long history in valorizing its abundant supply of lignocellulose resources.  LignoBiotech VI will share, discuss, and advance novel approaches in biotechnology and related sciences pertaining to lignocellulose composition and bioconversion, including fundamental and applied aspects. Emphasis is on the use of genomics, biochemistry, synthetic biology, advanced analytical tools, and complementary physico-chemical technologies to expand lignocellulose utilization in advanced materials, biochemicals, and production of fuels.


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